EOS კოსტა რიკის ბლოკჩეინით სარგებლობისთვის, Lifebank ჯანდაცვის თანაშემწე რომ დაიწყოს

EOS Costa Rica is taking advantage of the EOS.IO blockchain network to release what it calls Lifebank, an “incentive-based healthcare solution for blood donations” that are in place due to COVID-19, პრესრელიზში აღნიშნულია.

Essentially, Lifebank ensures that doctors can “better manage the blood donation process, increase supply chain efficiency and automate rewards for donors.”

The platform is meant to help hospitals and caregivers with their lack of blood supplies. It ensures that there is a “value exchange” between those who donate blood and donation centers, helping to streamline and automate the “process of screening and logging viable candidates, and facilitates verifiable human accounts on a blockchain.”

Speaking on the matter is Edgar Fernandez, the co-founder of EOS Costa Rica, who said:

“The coronavirus pandemic uncovered a number of problem areas in the healthcare supply chain – one of which being blood donations. To help encourage continued donations, Lifebank connects blood donors to donation centers and local businesses, using smart contracts to provide consent between donation centers and blood donors. Those who donate blood using Lifebank will receive tokens to redeem at local businesses.”

გახსოვდეთ, ყველა ვაჭრობა რისკავს. წარსული შესრულება არ არის მომავალი შედეგების გარანტია.

Source: https://insidebitcoins.com/news/eos-costa-rica-utilizing-blockchain-to-launch-lifebank-healthcare-assistant